Top 9 Best Holiday Makeup Looks 2020

Some say it’s really important after the party, but for makeup lovers, it’s all about the previous party. A party between them (also an actual party) is only half the fun. Getting ready is an event in itself, and those who go out – like a crowd of red carpet – really get out, as you can see in their BTS footage.

For the rest of us civilians, in the evening (which we are almost in, just in case you are not warned) we will finally get a chance to play with the bold and brilliant palettes that spend most of their time sitting with their backs intact. Your beauty box. The evening event is an occasion to marvel at the experimental glamour (not what you really need), and if you are the type of person whose usual makeup is M.O. More about the range of makeup-free makeup, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to experience glittery shadows, bold lipstick or some combination of both. Just call it a friendly competition with holiday decor.

Just in case you need a reason to invite RSVP to a holiday party, here are 33 of them – bookmark this page to inspire makeup for a party to plan the look of your beauty at all your festivities. If it’s a bust, at least you will get to practice your smoky eye skills. Even if you don’t have glitter or red lipstick, you have enough metallic, matte and bright colors to work with. Scroll through this list of great party makeup, each tested and approved by the red carpet.

Golden Eyes: Bella Hadid
Although the look of your party will probably not include a 10-pound veil, as the glamor of “Bella Hadid” did, but there are certainly other elements of her style that are worth stealing. Using a shiny gold liner (such as the Stardust Eyeliner ELF), trace your upper eyelashes and continue to line around the lacrimal ducts, creating a small “V” around the inner corners – an effect that catches light against an otherwise neutral palette.
holiday make up looks
Cat Kohl’s eye: Lily Aldridge
Unless the brightest of eyes or bright red lips, there are still many ways to get into the celebratory spirit. Lily Aldridge showcases a cool look, inspired by the sixties through nude-brown lipstick and dark-rimmed cat eyes, paired with loose, effortless waves.
holiday makeup looks
Mermaid Metal Eyes: Duckie Thot
Between the shining skin of Dhaka Toth, the glossy lips and the emerald eyelids, it’s hard to choose which part of this look we like. But in order to replicate her mermaid-inspired shadow with mermaids, try Milana Bella’s Eyeshadow with Bella Emerald.
holiday makeup looks
Pink Eyeshadow: Zoe Kravitz
For an evening look that looks elegant and fresh, decorate the coral-pink shade lids – like M.A.C. Eyeshadows in pink Venus – and give your lips the same blush treatment.
holiday makeup looks
Lupita Nyong’o
makes a durable purple lipstick cover that fits the queen. Makeup artist Nick Barrows created the shade (which he calls “royal purple”) by applying eyeliner under the blue eyeliner under the LancĂ´me L’Absolu Gloss at 363 Insolente.
holiday makeup looks
Emerald Smoky Eyes: Lucy Hale
This season, trade instead of “note” for “note”. This bold look can be achieved with any pigmented color, but to create the vibe of Lucy Hale Poison Ivy makeup artist Kelsey Denihan used three different shades of green: shadows for long Chanel clothes across the lid and under the eyelash line; Emerald green from Kat Von D’s 10th anniversary palette from above; and a crystalline loose metallic pigment in pure green in the center of the lid and in the corners of the eyes to trap light.
holiday makeup looks
Comprehensive jewelry tones: Rowan Blanchard
The idea of combining purple and blue with red lipstick may initially make you chatter, but Rowan Blanchard shows how great it is to wear a few shades of jewelry at the same time. This inspired precious look works so perfectly, because makeup artist Amy Stozzi used a ruby lipstick with cool tones that was the perfect complement to the sapphire and amethyst shades on Rowan’s eyelids.
holiday makeup looks
Disco covers: Emma Stone
As for party glamor, there is no such thing as too much glitter. Take a look at the Emma Stone disco ball, sweeping your favorite shimmery shade to your brows and under the eyelash line and pair with the peach cobweb.
holiday makeup looks
Smoke Gold: Nicole Richie
The holiday season is the perfect time to test the gilded smoky eye shown here by Nicole Richie. For a look, try playing with the shimmering shades of Natasha Denon’s Golden Wand Gold Eye Shadow and finish it with false eyelashes and a nude lip.

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